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Media Pa Powers – Intro

Document Purposes

A Wayne Pa Power of Attorney grants your Wayne Pa Agent (Fiduciary) the ability to control all of your affairs.

Fiduciary Traits

  • Your Agent should be able and willing, first and foremost.
  • Your Agent should also be levelheaded and familiar.

Common Misconceptions

A common misconception is that a Power of Attorney eliminates your ability to act for yourself.  Quite to the contrary, and until you are deemed to be incapacitated, a Power of Attorney should properly be viewed as a “shared authority.”  After you have executed a Power of Attorney, you still retain all of the powers and decision-making abilities that you possessed beforehand, including the power to revoke the Power of Attorney.

Another common misconception is that your Agent needs your permission to act.  Quite to the contrary, a Power of Attorney is a very powerful document.  It permits your Agent the broadest of powers to do anything that you could have done (i.e., give all of your money away), and, inherent in the broad powers that your Agent possesses is the possibility – the extremely real possibility – that your Agent under your Power of Attorney may actually do anything that you could have done (i.e., give all your money away).

Media Pa Powers of Attorney Lawyers – Intro

Pa Powers of Attorney are documents that convey legal authority (to the Pa Principal) to act in the name of another person (Pa Agent) for his or her health and welfare.

A Pa Power of Attorney can grant broad authority or be very limited in scope. I help you prepare for contingencies based on the specific circumstances surrounding you and your loved one. However, generally speaking, powers of attorney address three main areas of concern:

Media Pa Powers of Attorney Lawyers – Financial management

When your loved one is incapacitated, bills and taxes still come due. Your loved one may have financial assets, such as stocks, stock options, bonds, or royalties, which require oversight. Having the authority to manage your loved one’s finances if necessary provides greater financial security. Older adults who are forgetful or susceptible to phone scams can also benefit from a loved one overseeing their bank accounts.

To protect your loved ones, you need clear legal authority to make decisions if they are unable to do so. John B. Whalen, Jr. Esq. can help you draft and execute Pa Power of Attorney documents so you can be certain about your authority when a loved one needs you most.

Small business owners and individuals involved in litigation are faced with numerous choices. These decisions, which must often be made on a daily basis, can have serious consequences. Even if your loved one is not ready to step away from day-to-day management of business and legal matters, executing power of attorney is a prudent contingency plan.

Media Pa Powers of Attorney Lawyers – Authority to make medical decisions.

When a medical crisis strikes, many families are unsure about the extent of lifesaving treatment the injured or ill person would have wanted. Every adult should have a medical directive explaining their wishes clearly and specifying someone to carry out their desires when they can’t communicate.

Media Pa Powers of Attorney Lawyers – Reluctant Seniors

Sudden illness or injury can leave anyone totally incapacitated. Or, the infirmities of age can compromise an older adult’s ability to fully function independently. Under such circumstances, concerned loved ones may feel compelled to act, but may lack the legal authority to do so. This can delay essential care, threatening your loved one’s health and welfare when he or she is most vulnerable.

It can be difficult to talk to a senior loved one about the need for power of attorney documents. Many are loathe to admit they may need assistance, especially from their children, and are uncomfortable even considering a reversal of roles which puts them under their children’s authority. I am very familiar with this dynamic, and can advise you on effective ways to broach the subject with your elder loved ones.

Contact a reliable lawyer for Pa Powers of Attorney that protect your loved ones

A loved one’s illness, injury or infirmity can leave them vulnerable to financial losses and serious threats to their health. A carefully drafted power of attorney can give you and your loved one greater peace of mind.

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